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Basic Clash Royale Issues & Solutions [Complete Guide]

There have been many more complaints about the most recent Clash Royale upgrade. During its maintenance and subsequent breaks, the company promised to fix lost achievements, game freezes, the balance of the newest card, and other problems. As Supercell attempts to fix a few bugs, have patience.


Basic Clash Royale Issues & Solutions

In this article, we go over a list of the common Clash Royale problems and their fixes. Due to periodic upgrades and balance changes, things are constantly changing, which occasionally causes issues.

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About Clash Royale

Supercell produced and provided the free real-time strategy video game Clash Royale to the public. The game features multiplayer online battle arenas, tower defense, and collecting card games. The game was made available globally on March 2, 2016.

Clash Royale brought in $1 billion after a little more than a year on the market. It is the first standalone game for Clash of Clans. According to demand analysis company Sensor Tower, Clash Royale generated $2.5 billion in revenue over three years.

The "King's One" is the sole tower that can be routed to ensure an immediate victory in the tower-rush video game Clash Royale. The objective is to destroy the most enemy towers (1v1 or 2v2) to win.

After three minutes, the game enters a two-minute overtime period during which the player who topples an opponent's tower instantly wins if both players/teams have the same amount of crowns or none.

If no towers are eliminated during overtime, all towers quickly lose health in a tiebreaker, and the building with low health is destroyed.

If Clash Royale doesn't start or continues draining your battery, you're not alone; the article below will show you how to fix it. Here is a list of the most typical Clash Royale problems and fixes.

Problems in Clash Royale and Its Solutions

The basic problems in Clash Royale are given below one by one. You can go through each and every problem and their solutions to upgrade your experience in Clash Royale gameplay.

1) Star Levels or Legend Trophies Are Missing

Star Levels or Legend Trophies Are Missing

One of the significant problems with the December update is that several level 13 gamers still need to get the Star Levels they expected. Legend Trophies were ultimately removed from user accounts by Supercell. But after two years, all they provided was a colorless emote for everyone and some gold for Legendary arena prizes.

2) Fault for Battery Drain

Fault for Battery Drain

Clash Royale has recently been concerned about the battery life of gamers' smartphones. The only alternative currently available is to force Clash Royale to shut down by heading to Settings > Apps. It cannot continue to drain the battery until you restart your phone or open the app once you have stopped it from running.

3) Loading Unit works at 50% or 100%

Another common issue is that the game will freeze after loading to 50%. The game never starts; some individuals even see it reach 100%. Similar to the connectivity or server-side issue discussed previously, both are involved in this.

Do you encounter this frequently rather than just infrequently? Android users should try clearing the game's cache if that's the case. Before earning your progress, check to ensure it is linked to Google Games.


Go to Settings > Applications to find Clash Royale in the list of applications (or default programs). Click "Clear Cache" or "Clear Data" to continue after choosing the game. Your account will be recovered if Clash Royale is restarted, though game data will be erased.

4) Clash Royale Cannot Be Updated or Played

If you tried to upgrade Clash Royale but can now not play the game, you are not alone. Specific Android and iOS versions won't be supported, according to Supercell. For older devices, extended support is no longer available. You now understand why, if you decide to restart the game after a long break, you won't be able to install it.

Clash Royale Cannot Be Updated or Played

Supercell is powerless to change this. If the operating system on your phone or tablet is too outdated, the game will not run properly. If you do not see the update in the app store on an iPhone or Android device, slide down from the top of the screen and reload it. You are out of luck.

5) Dropped or stopped Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi crashing is one of the biggest problems when playing Clash Royale. The worst feeling in a multiplayer game is when you are about to defeat your opponent and see the dreaded Wi-Fi logo emerge in the middle of the screen. You get three crowns when everything stops responding.

Dropped or stopped Wi-Fi

If Wi-Fi dropouts continue to happen to you, a few straightforward measures can assist you in solving the issue. Turn on and off Wi-Fi by going to Settings > Wi-Fi on an Android device. A similar process is possible on an iPhone. Additionally, check the advanced options menu on your smartphone and ensure the "Smart Network Switch" and battery-saving modes are not enabled.

Final Words

So, this concludes the post with a list of all the fundamental Clash Royale issues. Use the advice in this article to improve your game and carry on the fight while keeping an eye out for future adjustments. Please let us know in the below section if you have any more problems.